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installing diya

$ tar zxvf diya-1.0-rc4.tar.gz
$ cd diya-1.0-rc4/

[edit] Prerequisites

  • Perl Modules (How to check Perl module)
    o Bioperl
    o Data::Merger
    o Getopt::Long
    o FileHandle
    o XML::Simple
    o File::Basename
  • Software
    o Perl (>= 5.8)
    o MUMmer v3.20
    o Glimmer v3.02
    o BLAST
    o tRNAscan-SE v1.23
    o Infernal v0.81
    o rfamscan.pl v0.1
  • Database
    o UniRef50 (refer to Others)
    o Protein Clusters (refer to Others)

[edit] Installation

  • Steps to install

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ sudo make install

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