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learnt using vi editor

finding hard to install java with all of its apps....
unable to find jdk in my server....... its really makin me to think....

learning about vi editor....

  • Moving around with cursor:

h key = LEFT, l key = RIGHT, k key = UP, j key = DOWN

  • Exiting vim editor without saving:

press ESC to get into command mode, enterĀ :q! to exit.

  • Deleting characters in vim command mode:

delete with x key

  • Inserting / appending text:

Press i or a in command mode and type

  • Saving changes and exit:

in command modeĀ :wq or SHIFT+zz

  • Deleting words:

delete word with d operator and w or e motion

  • Deleting to the end of the line:

delete to the end of the line with d operator and $ motion

  • Using operators, motions and counts:

beginning of the line 0, end of the line $, end of the 2nd word 2e beginning of the 4th word 4w

  • Deleting multiple words:

to delete 3 words you would use d3w

  • Deleting lines:

to delete single line dd, delete n lines ndd

  • Undo changes:

undo changes with u


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