You can find docker cli docs @ Link. I have documented on some of the important commands i use below

Operations on Docker Images

Search for docker image

docker search ubuntu  

or use docker hub -

Download Image from dockerhub

docker pull httpd:2.4

View Images in Local

docker images

Delete Image

docker rmi image_name

Delete all Image

docker rmi $(docker images -q)

Operations on Container

Run/Create Container from Image

docker run ubuntu

Run/Create Container from Image in background

docker run -d --name perlapp prashanthmadi/appserviceperl

Stop container

docker stop container_name

Start Container

docker start container_name

List active containers

docker ps

list all containers

docker ps -a

delete container

docker rm container_id

Delete all containers

docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

login to container bash

docker exec -it container_name /bin/bash

docker container logs